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In a movie called About a Boy, the character played by Hugh Grant explored the truth of the statement that "no man is an island". At the beginning of the movie, his character claimed that the statement was true. By the end of the movie, it had become obvious that relationships of some sort are important in everyone's life. However, the interesting thing about the movie was that Hugh Grant's character was not at any point as independent as he would have liked to believe. Although his relationships were devoid of what most of us would consider meaning, he was in fact driven at the basest level by a need for some kind of connection, albeit mostly physical.

Today, there are more means of connecting with people than ever before (again, despite the claim in the movie that we are in the age of island living). Society involves the mingling of people of all sexes and age groups, in every area imaginable. You can meet new people at work, at the gym, at a bar or club, in church, even (thanks to the Internet) in your own home.

The trick about all of this easy interlinking is that it has led to whole new problems and questions about the way we develop relationships. When is the appropriate time to attempt a sexual overture? Can men and women be close friends? What happens if there is attraction to a friend of the opposite sex? When does casual dating turn into a relationship and what does that mean?

And, of course, the rise of a whole bunch of new questions does not mean that old ones have been resolved satisfactorily. Do you still struggle when it comes to knowing when to give a gift to a loved one, or what gift to give? You are certainly not alone there, nor in any of the other issues that may be troubling you when it comes to interaction with other people.

This website is designed to help you answer some of those questions, or at least to give you some pointers so that you can find out the answers for yourself. Any relationship means that you have something invested, whether it is a friendship or a marriage, and we all want to know how to keep that investment paying dividends and not turning into depression.

So with that in mind, we have created several pages that deal with specific relationship issues. Some of these issues are directly related to the questions we posed above, questions you are likely to have when it comes to the various aspects of human interaction. Other times, we take a look at some case studies for answers, or else explore options and motivations when it comes to communicating with someone who you might feel an attraction for.

Dating in the information age has also led to a whole new level of protocol and safety issues as far as dating goes. Online dating is much more than popular, whether you go to a specific site for the purpose or happen to "meet" an intriguing person in a chat room or on a message board. We will take a look at some of the issues arising out of relationships in the digital age as well.

Do you feel a certain level of sexual attraction to a man that you have been friends with for years? Can you deal with these feelings and still keep that friendship intact? Do you even want to try to deal with those feelings, or can you just let them slide and hope that they will go away? Believe it or not, studies have been conducted on these exact issues, and we look at some of the findings and their implications.

In short, this is a site that seeks to explore and provide information on as many different facets of human interaction that we possibly can. When it comes to navigating the tricky waters of life, relationship issues can be real icebergs; failure to negotiate properly can mean more than a sinking feeling in your heart, it can even lead to the total loss of your dignity. That said, running aground is something that happens to almost everyone now and then; and knowing that other people go through it and how they deal with it can be a real life saver.

So, if you are curious about human relationships at different levels, we hope to bring you some solid information here. From gift ideas to ways of telling if he wants to sleep with you, you can find the tips you need here. Afterall, it can be difficult to meet new people and fall in love when you are constantly working at your Heating Burlington job.

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